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Nails Dot Glow Welcomes Nadine Lustre

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"Enjoy the stay, experience the Glow" only at NAILS.Glow, your nail and body spa provider.

AS PART of its continuing growth and commitment to its clientele, NDG is set to launch its NDG Cares campaign this quarter of the year and the succeeding years.

A holistic spa that expands and aspires to be a one-stop all-around service salon, NDG takes pride in offering not only luxurious yet easy-on-the-pocket treatments and services to both hands and feet, but also includes face and whole body.

On its management side, NDG has set up a training center for its employees, sending its office-based managers to special courses and seminars to further enhance their areas of specialization. In the near future, NDG plans to promote annual flu vaccines for its workforce, as well as its franchisees on discounted rates.

An environment-friendly company, NDG will also spearhead tree planting programs in coordination with some local government units (LGUs) to further create ecological awareness.

Now comes another milestone in the history of NDG.

Having created a reputation for being at the very core of beauty and wellness all these years, NDG is proud of its new image endorser NADINE LUSTRE, undoubtedly another country’s most popular teen heartthrobs.

How NADINE has been chosen to share the ideals and core values of NDG is a result of painstaking research conducted by its team where the ABS-CBN teen actress is one on the top of the list of potential candidates.

The hands-down choice is greatly reinforced by NDG’s focus group discussion among selected franchisees and customers, thus making NADINE simply the next perfect ambassadress of the spa.

NADINE has what it takes to be one.

With a bubbly, outgoing personality; beauty of face and character; and wholesome screen image, NADINE epitomizes the modern-day young Filipina aware of life’s most essential things: beauty and wellness.

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